test day

this is for the guy that came to poppins on friday night [ sorry cant remember your name] but good luck with your test today, and hope to see you ride into the bmm later

Dito mate good luck :slight_smile:

Whoever you are dont worry, just do as the instructor showed you and youll be fine.

Good luck to him.

Good luck Tony (littlet). Relax, and you will be fine.


Good luck

Don’t forget to breath:cool:

Good luck fella, try and stay relaxed and you’ll be OK :slight_smile:

GOOD LUCK!! :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you :smiley:

Hopefully see you down Boro later on on your 400 :wink:

Yeah, hope its running :stuck_out_tongue:

o yeah i forgot they got to get it running first. test is 2 hrs from now.

Good luck fella :slight_smile:

Well, the results are in…

Who’s having a baby ?

… and ?

1 minor. Well done Tony, you beat me by 1 :smiley:

Excellent - well done :smiley: