Tescos Computers for Schools Vouchers!

If anyone has some of these they dont want, please can they collect them up and pass them on to me. It takes a hell of a lot to get anything, so if i can collect as many as I can, it would be hugely appreciated!

I too collect these vouchers, we also take Sainsbury ones aswell.

Oii, get your own thread!

Make me.

You do realise im armed, dangerous and dont fight clean

Excellent, I was asking round work the other day and nobody is collecting them i ended up giving the stack i had in my purse to a lady on the next till to where i was that asked for hers, she was well happy, so now i know someone who is collecting i will keep asking for them again

Brill, thanks Trisckie!

My neice’s school didn’t want them either, so I’ll see if my sis still has them

if I may jump on this thread as well my little ones school is collecting the sainsburys ones so any of those would be very much appriecated.

the sleeper

Aww Thanks! My kids school is quite small so any amount of help in collecting them is just brill! thanks Mad!

i get them and never remember to hand them in!!! so ur welcome to have mine !! but u will have to keep reminding me about it

Thanks Mum!

Oh i see, now i know whos fav with you hun.

Thanks Debz for passing some onto Ian last night, you have really bumped up the pile now!

Your welcome

I’ve got quite a few tokens here Joolz.

I’m in Cheshunt too

Never! The Cheshunt Massive is growing lol!

PM sent CM!


Not quite a Massive yet but its getting there

Thanks for all the vouchers Ive received, they arent being given out at Tescos anymore, but the schools are still taking them in until the end of June, so if you have any more laying about, id appreciate them too!

Will be down at Borough on Wednesday!