Terry -Moto CD,S

Ive got some CD,s belonging to El Tel and I cant make Borough so if anyone is passing and would take them over tonight would earn some Brownie Points and a Beer from Barro !!

Thanking Yoooooooooohooooo


Don’t know where you are, but if not too far from me- I’ll help out gladly - esp enjoy a beer from the meister


Cheers Pal…

Good to see ya and good to see ya in fine form.

Now you know where to find me…dont be a stranger!

All the best !

find that hard to believe, that young terence is going to turn up at bm 2 weeks running.

He didn’t, neither did you!!

I still have the CD’s - great selection - may keep them!!


Cheers for the drink, and was good to see you in your natural habitat!

Easy Fella

Cheers Eric for picking em up, cheers Barro for returning em

I’ll hook up with you Eric when I get back and have a beer, and get MY cd’s back from ya

Never went Andy, stayed in and watched paint dry

No probs!

See you when you get back from Cheese-eaterland

stayed in and stayed dry.

I thought Terry only had 8 tracks