Terrorist attacks.

Firstly i hope no one was caught up in the attack this morning. I know its not bike related but when is this going to stop??? I really would consider not visiting london with my family now but know i shouldnt let them stop us.

Meh, statistically more likely to have a bike accident but I don’t let that stop me. Rain on the other hand, that’ll put me right off.

First of all sorry for Those affected by this horrible attack.

But I honestly don’t give a shit about the actual act of terroism.

The truth of the matter is it will
Never stop. If these guys stop then the next bunch of morons will come along. Other countries get it much worse.

It’s really not in my top ten or even top 100 of things to worry about. I’m with cjrp the slight chance of rain has got me using the tube today.

Such a british response “more worried about the rain than a attack” lol. Im off for a cuppa and to moan about the weather

Can’t turn back time and unfuck the middle east from the Sykes–Picot Agreement.

Sad and my thoughts are with those injured.

Rain I can do, unless it’s the slippery can be arsed to rain properly type that makes London’s dirty roads slippery or thunderstorms and gales.

Another don’t give a fuck here.

People obviously haven’t learnt.  A package/bag/parcel on it’s own on a train.  Emergency cord, call the fuzz, get the fuck off that train.  

No, do nothing, it starts to smoke, then flame, better record this on my phone.

Some people have not clue…

Terrorism - couldn’t give a toss.  More concerned about my Pot Noodle getting cold while I type this.

I’ve changed my Facebook cover picture
So everything will be fine now

Have you marked yourself as safe? Otherwise you won’t be

Good point
I don’t want people worrying

[quote] Have you marked yourself as safe? Otherwise you won't be --- silveR6 [/quote]

Good point
I don’t want people worrying

Did you also update your instagram status?

Dam do I need an instergramme thingy
I don’t want to fill vulnerable

No one picked up on the spelling, what’s happened to this forum.

Mrbiker09 three ares in terrorist


Double ah oh ah