Tenere Top Box or Pannier

I am looking for luggage for tenere 660

I have experience of the Yamaha OEM stuff, and seem to remember that it’s top box OR panniers, not both.

The Yamaha ones are pretty expensive but nice and compact i.e. they dont add width to the bike.

Just make sure you get spare keys-the locks on ours have already been replaced under warranty as they are stiff and the keys are made from the softest metal in the world and actually twist then snap.

yamaha say top box OR panniers but, in reality, unless you’re carrying serious heavy weight it is fine to run both.

The yamaha luggage is much maligned for it’s locks, but they are far superior to BMW equivalents which cost even more. I used mine every day and they were, but for one key snapping, absolutely spot on.

These guys have good stuff, but it is pricey


just a shame that they’re as ugly as sin.

These any good? http://neu.hepco-becker.de/Web/Produkte/01_Gepaeck/Koffer.php?language=2

Personally I’ve never seen them but they look a bit smarter than the metal mule ones.

They are plastic made to look like Alu.

A friend had a set - they look good but are bulky for what they can hold.

Hepco and B make good luggage and the UK distributor is good for spares too. I have the Alu Standard ones and they are fine - look a bit battered now but they have been used a lot…


I know pretty much all the market, I like the original pannier and top box, the metal mule or the touratec or trekker. I was wondering if there is someone is selling used.