Temporarly moving up in the world

Got into the office this morning and remembered the boss is on holiday for two weeks.

‘I’m’ having his desk (coffee drinking workshy baaarstard) :smiley:

Moved my laptop onto his desk which has a far better view, and makes you feel all important. may even put my feet on it in a few hours or soo :Whistling:

Did you check for the webcam in the corner of the office where he is recording any use of his desk???:smiley:

doh thats what that little red light is! :stuck_out_tongue:

Brings back memories of a few years ago the boss was away and we all wanted to watch the World Cup (think the match was on at 7am) we was all in his office (where the only tv was), i was chilling out in his massive leather chair, feet up, eating toast, crumbs all over his desk… :cool:

Then in walked the boss … we was all left very red faced :blink:


Take it easy this week then, i won`t tell.

Make sure you use plently of management jargon and generally talk a lot without actually saying anything…You will be the boss in no time…:smiley: