Television- I hate it

Okay I don’t hate it exactly but I felt I had to share my rant with you guys 'cos, well, I’ve found this site is perfect for mouthing off about everything and anything! So here goes.

The weather. F*"^ing London News weather. That guy tells you sod all. ‘Hello, it will be windy/sunny/wet tomorrow. Goodnight’ He gets paid for that??

The weather again. National weather. Start the bleeding map at London. London is the capital and the most populated place in the country. Why start in Wales/Cornwall/whatever and rotate around until you get to the most important place (here)?!PC crap.

Adverts. Is it just my TV that gets louder when the adverts come on? How many more wishy-washy tossing ads with coloured objects randomly bouncing down the road/ floating around/ bumping into eachother do we need? And the tunes- absolute shite music. Audi, Land Rover, Britsh Gas, Orange, Canon, HP (you started it) etc. etc. Sentimental pap.

News. Patronise us go on. Yeah, shout at us cos we might not get it. Shout slowly- even better. Tell us the bleeding obvious- its a lot easier than actually going out and investigating a story. Stand outside the house of some poor murder victim and tell us that the family was too upset to comment- no you’re kidding me!

Celebrities. WE DON’T CARE.

Ahhh thats better.:cool:

Television… what’s that?

I only have to log in here to see all the soaps and listen to all the drivel, we even get sports coverage along with free expert :laugh: advice from over keen over zealous people :smiley:

We get traffic and weather reports too :stuck_out_tongue:

… and we don’t have to pay £120 (ish) a year to watch it :slight_smile:

Defo agree with the adverts thing…that’s soooooooo annoying!!!

:doze:over zealous?..hope you don’t mean me!:hehe:

ah no, not you :slight_smile:

yup, sky+ can sort that

we record any series/news we are interested in and watch at will, that fwd button is a god send

Love my sky plus, hour long programmes are now only 40 minutes & no more ‘coming up is’ or ‘before the break was’ :cool:

I hardly watch any of the old idiot box. Most people are surprised when I tell them that I only have 5 terrestrial channels.

The only things I watch are sports (footy or BSB/WSB/MotoGP) or a movie. That said I visited someone the other day and ended up watching a few hours of the discovery channel and its ilk. Now that’s tv, fascinating documentary’s about wildlife or tanks :w00t:

i wish i was more like you, oh wise one

Many wish and aspire but few attain such enlightenment…

I only listen to cds or radio, unless theres smoething about cars, bikes.

My 32" flatscreen is only used for dvd’s and x-box… I don’t even have an antenna in the back of it!:w00t:

Can’t remember when I last watched the tv???..:cool: