Techie job

My boy’s just graduated from uni in “Software Systems for the Arts and Media” and is now looking for a job where he can use this qualification. Apprently he knows all sorts of techie stuff like Flash, Web Design/Building etc. which I don’t understand at all, being an old non-techie git.

So if anyone knows of any vacancies in this area, grateful if you could pass it on.

Cheers and stay safe.

Check out – best place to find IT jobs.

A simple search like “london and flash” should bring things to the light.

Also, have a look here:

Maybe he should start reading the trade mags… Creative Review/Design Week/ Computer Arts etc.

don’t type ‘london’ and ‘flash’ into google though the reasults may be a problem!

as said above is by far the best place to start looking…

You may want to try as they have usually have a few posting in this sector.

Thanks to all who replied - I appreciate it.

Drei - I’ve PM’d you - cheers.

Yes Drei, that’s right only **** companies advertise there. What a cretinous comment. I know several people who have sourced jobs through the website and are perfectly happy.


opinions opinions. They’ll be the death of us

Drei, haven’t you been told a million times before about exaggerating ? LoL LoL

The BBC is always on the look out for people with these skills - keep your eye on