Teapot gone

Tis true the teapot has gone, traded her in 4 a honda blackbird ('kin fast) and wot a day ride 2 dk stoke get bike and ride all over place 2 get home in fantastic weather, will change nickname when think of one.

Nice one Uncle:cool:

What a lovely day to get aquainted with your new mistress;)

How about SteveXX?:cool:


Chunks he’s bought a Honda not a Gixxer/TL. Steve’s finally realised that he’s getting on a bit and has bought a old man’s Honda so surely his new username should be ‘Stevehaveyouseenmyslippersandowmyback’splayingupagain,IthinkI’llhaveanice sitdownandacupoftea’ :smiley:

Steve - gis a go?!? :wink:

Nice bike, try hard not to go supersonic too often as those rear tires will be shreddies in very little time…

As to being a Honda rider, been there, done that, moved to Triumph. :wink: Still, a bloody nice bike and seriously quick.


You really don’t know your bikes do you Tim?:wink:

He’s bought a Honda CBR1100XX

That’s another beer you owe me:P;):smiley:

Nice one Steve - so when are you bringing it out to play :smiley:

done 400 miles in 2 days playing !! Damn things addictive, my son likes it as pillion so very happy with it.

Tim nice but Dim cant help it chunks his carer dont let him out much

Why do you think I finished my post by asking for a go on it?(too subtle for ya Chunks mate, you must be getting old?!?) :wink:

I know exactly what a Blackbird is…but it’s still a bloody Honda!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if he’d have bought a 'busa I would have shown more respect! :smiley:

I knew he’d fold and take build quality over looks, performance, street cred… :P:D

Hope it’s a happy partnership Steve :wink:

Grim as im a handsome young whippersnapper the insurance was almost x2 for a busa !! Still 'kin smiling everytime i ride the thing will bring it 2 inbreeds next week,


nice choice of bike mate, big comfy and 'kin fast!:cool:

“As seen on Rogue Traders” says it all really;):smiley:

Enjoy it BlackSteveBird:D