Tank bag to take a laptop

I have just acquired a new bike and looking to get a tank bag. Previously had top boxes but not looking to get one of those, and don’t really want a rucksack. But it needs to be able to hold a 15-inch laptop.

Anyone had any experience? Givi seem to do the biggest ones.

I had a givi one years ago, one of the ones that you had to fit a base onto the tank. I think I used to carry my work laptop with me in it but don’t remember what type of laptop.it was… It was 2012 so wouldn’t have been anything too sleek

I only did it a few times cause I thought the vibrations from metal tank could have damaged the laptop itself…

Best I can say is to bring the laptop to some shops to try, but I think they are smaller then you think.

If advise getting a clip on one like givi and swmotec do (and others) so much handier then the magnetic ones.

Bagster do some good and large ones, but you’ll need a tank cover for them.

I wouldn’t mount a laptop on a vibrating platform (the bike), seems far too risky. Much better in a dedicated bike rucksack like a Kriega.


I used to carry it for years in the kriega strapped to pillion no problem. that was on my gsr600 rather than the more vibey KTMs

Topbox definitely Givi are the defacto standard when it comes to topboxes. I’d go for at least a 47litre that would cover all your uses.

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top box will be more waterproof too

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Didn’t want to add a top box to this bike, and don’t really want a rucksack due to bad back.

I’ll always have clothes in there, would that be enough to take the vibrations? I was looking at the TankLock bags.

Would a top box not have the same vibrations? What about a tail pack?

Generally tank bags aren’t really big enough for most laptops.

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Aye. A tailpack is normally my preferred way of transporting heavier stuff I don’t want to carry on my body. Lot’s of generic items available nowadays as well as bike manufacturer-made ones. My personal preferences are:

Many options, none of which I really like. Perhaps it will have to be the Kriega R30 rucksack.