Talking new tyres

Hi all. 

From my roll call this morning I now have to think which tyres to fit. Originally, I went with big brand high price (for perceived quality) and have Michelin PR4 in mind. However, can I get some specific views between Michelin and Roadtec’s? I mainly need the tyres for commuting, so wet and slippery roads is the scene. I need them to be very good as I don’t want to fall down again as a partial result of tyres (Aceman and EddieSV know what i am talking about!).

Please, post your 2 cents if you have time.

@Wise do you have any experience using Michelin tyres at all? Doesnt have to be PR4’s, just the brand.

Roadtec 01’s for me

they offer good grip from cold and good feedback,

I have 8miles of unlit country lanes & have no qualms about throwing the F around on damp slippery mornings.

I really liked / like the original Michelin Pilot Power and that’s why I try and stick within the same family. They’re lovely in summer and OKish in cooler temperatures but I don’t fully trust them in really cold and wet conditions.

When the PP3s came out, I thought great! The tyres that I like and with better cold and wet handling. However, despite the good reviews I found them bloody awful and were one of the few sets of tyres I’ve changed before they needed to be. I had absolutely no road feel with them and the bike just didn’t seem to corner with them.

The next Michelins I’ve tried were the 2CTs. I’m a bit so-so with these. They’re OK but nothing spectacular and took a bit too long to get up to temp and stay there for my liking.

I’m going to try out the PR4s as not only have they had good press reviews, I’ve also had really positive comments about them from people who’ve actually got them on their bikes now. I tend to stick with what I know coz I’m too tight to constantly change tyres if I get a duff set that I don’t like. Other than the Michelins, the only tyres I’ve got on with are the supplied ones which aren’t great (understatement!) unless it’s warm and dry. I can’t wait until next summer, all two days of it, to put my Pirellis back on her :heart_eyes:

Had ridden PR2s, 3s and 4s. Would recommend 3s or 4s in a nanosecond. All weather’s (not my apostrophe GNs) and decent run until they need replacing.

Roadtec Z01’s or PR3’s - I didn’t like the PR4 tyres, too stiff and odd profile for my liking.

Liked 4’s preferred 3’s but get on really well with Roadtec 01’s

Love my S21’s. Although I’ll admit they are shit below 5 degrees

so far i get better opinion on roadtec 01’s. Perhaps i’ll go that way too?

If you do go down that route, it’s my turn to say I’d be interested on your feedback and how you find them. It might tempt me to be brave and break away from Michelin if you like them.

I will be getting roadtecs instead of Michelin purely because the response is better here. and yes Janey, I’ll definitely message you before xmas on initial feedback. Thanks for giving your 2cents as well

If I were an all weather rider, I would go for PR4s during winter.  However, as I’m a reasonable fair weather rider now, I’ve been very happy with Bridgestone S21s on both my previous toy, the Terrible Triumph (which had how many warranty issues within the 24 months I owned it?) and also on my current toy, the ZX-10R.  I’ve found them to be good in the wet, but I don’t ride hard in the wet.  I found the Pirelli Super Corsas to be awful in the cold or the wet.

Never had a problem with Bridgestone BT0-23s, although the Combined Anti-lock Braking System on The 250 may well be a contributing factor.

Good for >10,000 miles too.

I was a PR4 fan till I tried them on my 2014 VFR, they were great for 4000 miles then suddenly went useless in the wet. Bridgestone T30EVO are good, so are Metzeler Roadtec01 (if a bit more expensive). Currently on Dunlop Roadsmart3 and impressed so far, not a twitch in the wet but they’re less than 500 miles old so that’s what I’d expect.

Update on the PR4s: I’ve now done just over a tank of fuel with them on on mainly dry roads with a lot of muddy farm crap and… I really like them. Cold and unscrubbed straight out of the garage they instantly felt grippy and stable. I had loads of road feel and the bike felt nicely balanced and really light. I had way more confidence in them than I ever did with the Pirellis in these cooler, damp conditions.

It’s definitely a big, relieved, thumbs up for them so far.

Excellent review on the PR4’s then. I’ve got a BT023 (yup old school me) on the rear and it is surprisingly okay so far.  Just need to see how well it copes with winter riding… Scrubbed in well and leans as far as the Pirelli Angel GT did.

Wow I really surprised that people are still using the BT023.  That design has to be 8 or 9 years old at least!  And to be honest they weren’t a great tyre at the time.  It was the 23 that made me switch to Michelin PR2.

Personally I just switched to the Roadtecs and so far really impressed.

Wow I really surprised that people are still using the BT023.  That design has to be 8 or 9 years old at least!  And to be honest they weren't a great tyre at the time.  It was the 23 that made me switch to Michelin PR2.
Personally I just switched to the Roadtecs and so far really impressed.
the 23 was the tyre that made we switch to the PR series 

the BT016 was the tyre that put me off all bridgestones

BT016 was horrid I’ll agree!  I have the 023 as it was the only tyre in my size in stock when I had a puncture and was at the shop.  Needs must and all that. Saying that, it has done well for me and as only got 1/2cm chicken strips on it from normal riding.  Grips well enough for my style of slow riding.

Saying that, I’d have stumped for PR3’s or 4’s given a choice.

BT014s were the only tyres that I got my knees down with, on my good old faithful 2004 R1.  I miss that toy.