Take care out there

One of those mornings today.

A bloke was lying in the middle of a pedestrian crossing, hit by a car.

Down a side street aa Astra was skewed across the road and in the side of a Jag. Will be a terrible shock for the bloke/girl who owns it when they come out

of their house.

Traffic of all types seems especially impatient, intollerant and incompetent this week.

Is it me or are the levels of crap driving - usually due to lack of concentration and impatience getting worse? :ermm:

They’re about to, I just sparked up That Bike !:wink:

Yes it’s silly season out there again - picked this guy up at about 8:45am on the way in from Highbury & Islington to Old Street on the Canonbury road between sable street and canonbury lane (where the roadworks are also helping to block the road)…