Tail tidy - which would you get?

Want to get a tail tidy for my Z. But the R&G one seems a bit pricey for a just a number plate hanger at 52 quid.

Or theres this one at 30 quid.


Does anyone know if the R&G offer any real benefits that justify the extra price?


i think thr R&G one come’s with a number plate light

Well spotted. Cheers mate.

Something like Bonkie’s would be cool - keep the number plate well out of sight :smiley:

Get the R&G. Quality bit of kit- worth a few quid extra IMO

Don’t buy the Power Bronze one (as I did), more than half of the LED number plate lights have blown and despite promises from Power Bronze, no replacement has been received!

Been waiting a month with chasers so far!

The ebay item that you have posted will not fit your bike!

i’d go for thr r&g worth paying the extra as allways have been perfect fit and good aftersales well in my experiance they have been :slight_smile:

Ha ha - oh yes cheers Maz. My attention to detail is not the best!

Yes I think I’ll go with the R&G one anyway, seems to be a professional outfit and you know you’re getting good quality kit. I dont want one that blows off at 100mph. 70mph.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice everyone.

**Stick with the R&G one they are well known for there stuff and its all good quality **

i bought a tail tidy from those people in Maldon and mine snapped coming back from Poole Quay last year,they claim to have tested them to 150mph…

better off with R&G i reckon.