Tail tidy and a k8 busa.

Anybody else tried fitting one of the above? A complete pain in the arse! Now I am probably the least technically minded person on here but I can still manage a few bits and bobs (injuries permitting!). I found that the colour of the wires leading to the number plate light are blk&wht and grey yet the only ones that match work the indicators! That is not all though, I cannot find the right wire cluster to disconnect to cut said wires and would not be able to anyway as I cannot unclip them. My shoulder makes it hard for me to even turn a spanner right now so patience and tolerance levels are at an all time low so I am now thinking of just asking pdq to do it! Any help gratefully received. Also anybody know where I can buy a c spanner to crank up the rear shock, been looking everywhere! Many thanks and see you soon.

busters or demon tweaks will sell the C-spanner, poss even hein gerrick cant help with tail tidy Im even more incompetant than you :D:D:D