T.T. Practice Session 31st May 2005

Watched the bikes from the hedge at Sulby Bridge… still mad fast and real hard to catch in frame… but heres a few I did manage to get!!

Nearly got him!!

Once again Floyd, superb photos, I love them! That K5 looks like it’s about to smash through it’s nose-cone the front is so compressed! Oh man, you’re so lucky to have this going on in your back-yard!

Wow - Love the first one - so clear and detailed. Some real good photo’s you have taken Floyd. Keep them coming.

More ace pictures mate, keep up the good work - look forward to some regular updates.

There was a programme on Men and Motors last night about a guy who sold up his life in Canada to do the TT. Moved to the island and spent hours and hours going over the circuit to learn it. It turned out he had some blood disorder and he wanted to do the TT before it was imposible for him. He landed up doing production 600 class and juniors. Finished both races, not very well but he did finish. One of his aims was to average 100mph lap. He nearly made it - 99.something. It was a great programme.

Nice photos Floyd! …sorry if this has been asked before, but what camera did you use to take the pictures? It must have been a nightmare to get them focussed and in frame at that speed.