T T Isle of Man advice pleeeeeeeez

Hi all,So I am starting to pack & make a list of stuff to take with me to the T T…even bought one of those army tent raincoats just in case it rains. :slight_smile:

Even though I have just read that the world is coming to an end with a massive earthquake this Saturday according to Yahoo news :smiley: So if you have any plans left on your bucket list… you had better get cracking…lol

I would appreciate it if anyone with first hand experience could tell me where the best vantage points are as it will be my first visit to the Isle.

Can I move from place to place during the race…or is it best to find one good spot and stay there?

I’d like to be as close to the action as possible. :w00t:

Edit: Oh…forgot to mention I will be staying over in Douglas…so that will be my starting point.

Thx !!!

P.S. I always forget to pack something…so suggestions are welcome too!

From Douglas it easy to get to the Gooseneck a good place to watch from. Then if your feeling energetic you can walk a mile or so along side the circuit going up the mountain section. The advantage of the Gooseneck is the small road goes back to Douglas and you can get to the Grandstand and pit area, then you can find a service road and get to Braddan Bridge another good spot.

Ballaugh Bridge is also a great spot, for the iconic bike taking off moment. But here like most places you get stuck and can’t move as the roads are closed. Unless you get a very good map and are prepared to walk. :w00t:

So don’t forget your walking boots!

If you want to meet up then I can PM you my mobile. I arrive on the Sunday 5th.

Hope this helps.

From Quaterbridge there is a tunnel under the road that you can take to other parts of the circuit, although getting stuck at a pub with the bikes tearing past isn’t that bad! For that try Glen Helen. Just remembered, Ramsey is well connected. Ramsey can seem very odd as while the racing is going on round the corner they are doing their shopping as though it was a hundred miles away…

Wish I was going:crying:

The 5th? That must be the Mad Sunday I keep hearing about…:slight_smile: (Note to self…remember to pack pepper spray):smiley:

I am there from the 3rd.

A big thank you guys for the info…I will print this out and take it along with me, I have bought a good map of the place too. I noticed many of the towns start with “Bally” something…which gets a bit confusing but I am sure it will all be fine, and I am not adverse to walking.

I’ve just been surfing the net to find out where Creg Ny baa is. Is it worth a visit or is it just like any other pub on the Isle?