swingarm brace for SV1000?

Hi guys, does anyone know if it’s possible to get a swing arm brace for the SV1000?

I think you could get them for the TL’s, but haven’t seen anything for the SV.

Any info would be appreciated, would love the stop the rear end flexing when

punching out of a corner!!!:smiley:


theres always someone that can make weld 1 on, try steelheart engineering.


there is a bloke on oldskoolsuzuki/info that does this too, you have to send him your swinger though (obviously, lol).

To save making up a whole new brace you can cut one of an old gixer swing arm or similar and have that welded on:)

a lot of people with the older gsxr (which dont have brace) use r6 braces cut off an r6 swingarm. they sort of fit, lol