Swine flu

Well I succumbed to the lurgy, I’m now a national statistic.

Piece of advice, don’t get it…it sucks.

Haven’t been on the bike since Friday…so frustrated.

I had it about three weeks ago followed by Mark then one of our daughters. It came on so fast, one minute I felt right as rain then by time I got to Dunstable Downs I felt like crap. I thought it was hay fever to start with then by the evening I was burning and had no energy.

Still don’t think its as bad as ‘normal’ flu and went as quick as it arrived, just over a week.

Yeah, could be worse but could certainly be better too.

Still off work but feeling much more human now, the saying is that flu takes ‘a week or 7 days’, my seven days will be up tomorrow and also the last two tamiflu tablets so lets hope that’s virtually an end to it.

I think what we have now here in our place is that were much safer now from that swine flu… it’s been 3 months since that outbreak had not attacked us.

And in your case guys, if ever fever attacked you then better make a move and don’t risked your life over that. that ailment is something that we shouldn’t mind…it’s serious and needs to be treated immediately…