SWINE FLU (H1N1) Questions and Answers

Only just been sent to me but better late than never eh… For line manager read company.

SWINE FLU (H1N1) Questions and AnswersWhat should I do if I feel unwell, with flu-like symptoms?

The symptoms of H1N1 are:

Fever (>=37.5)


Sore throat

Body aches


Chills and fatigue

Sometimes, diarrhoea and vomiting

If you develop these symptoms, contact your own GP by phone. If it is confirmed as flu, inform your line manager, and do not attend work for 7 days following the start of your symptoms, or longer if symptoms persist.

What should I do if I have had sustained contact with someone who has H1N1?

Unless you feel unwell and are displaying symptoms of H1N1, you should attend work as normal. Inform your line manager, and monitor yourself for potential symptoms. If symptoms develop, go home/remain at home and follow the advice above.

What should I do if I have had sustained contact with someone who has H1N1, and I am in a higher risk group e.g. pregnant or asthmatic?

1) Call your GP for advice;

  1. Inform your line manager.

What should I do if someone I have responsibility to care for, e.g. a child/partner, has H1N1?

If you are well and are not required to care for them, you should attend work as normal. If you need to care for them, please contact your line manager for further guidance.

For more advice and an indication of the current status and procedures: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pandemic-flu/Pages/Introduction.aspx?WT.srch=1

i think i had that a couple of months ago… went away in 4 days

didnt do anything but rest,keep warm and watch loads of sci-fi! :smiley:

hopefully i’ll have built up some immunity against it next time it come arounds

Hmm I had some kind of flu recently, messed me up for about three weeks! I keep saying it was swine flu cause it sounds cool :smiley:

load of fuss over nothing.

sooner we all get it the better.

sells papers.

One of the schools near me has been closed due to swine flu.

According to one epidemiologist it is a good thing that this has hit during summer. They said the infection and death rates would be significantly higher if this had hit in winter. He also stated his biggest fear is that it will infect someone who has Bird Flu and that the two could infections could cause a mutation of one or the other.

Potentially scary stuff. So drink plenty of orange juice. :smiley:

Same here, still have it… been a month now… had one before, went away in about 4 5 days, was stuck at home. After 3 weeks I got it again… this time I still have it.

Could be a combination of sinus issue with hay fever and cold… was told to stop drinking milk and it should help.

one of my friends has just been diagnosed by the doctor as having swine flu, shes on tamiflu and penicillin but from what she says it just sounds like flu.

she has just come back from vegas and mustve picked it up from there

At the end of the day, it’s just flu, only a slightly different strain to the usual flu. Hunderds of people with underlying medical conditions die of flu each year and the same will happen with swine flu. It’s really no big deal but the press are blowin it up out of all proportion like they do!

If you do have flu like symptoms, call your GP. Don’t call an Ambulance, 'cos if you do, a really pissed off Ambulance crew will come round to your house and moan at you then if you insist on going to Hospital, you’ll probably get a real bollocking off a really pissed off and overworked Nurse!

If you think you’ve got it, stay home and watch T. It’s the best thing to do!

****, that’s a relief . . . have had a cough that sounds more like a snort and my nose has been getting bigger and was worried it was swine flu . . . but obviously not :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

main coancern of it is contamination rates, as opposed to severity…
Last week the contamination spread was increeased to a predicted 100,000 new cases PER DAY by the end of next month in the UK…

Even if it is common cold - that many ppl getting it that quickly is unreal…
Either way: I have now switched (for other reasons also) to riding the bike in every day as opposed to getting on the swine flu breeding ground, aka the tube.

Kevsta (07/07/2009)

He also stated his biggest fear is that it will infect someone who has Bird Flu and that the two could infections could cause a mutation of one or the other.

Pigs might fly :smiley:

Came back from lunch today and in our reception we now have the hand washes you see at hospitals and a sign referring to halting the spread of swine flu. We think there’s something they aren’t telling us. I’m in a 9 storey office block and its always hot in here:w00t:

That’s what I was going to do but the damn rain put me off… I swear since I started working in Central London 8 months ago I got more sick than 3 years working in Essex riding/driving every day.