Sweet Suffering Fvck

After almost 5 weeks as a pedestrian and bus user I’m on the home straight for getting my poor, vandalised bike back on the road.

After some help from Charly (huge thanks for that!) we got part way there a couple of weeks ago, until a seized bolt and snapped clutch cable scuppered our plans for a complete fix.

Trying to get a clutch cable for a 21 year old bike over Christmas proved harder than Dog The Bounty Hunter after a 6 pack, and my poor bike has spent the festive period outside in the wind and rain, wondering what it’s done wrong to be ignored for so long. In the meantime I’ve picked up a chain and sprocket set to go on along with the clutch and indicator, so it’s going to have a nice little pamper session.

The £30 pre-pay I put on my Oyster Card hit 10p this morning and I’m determined not to put more than another £5 on it before I get back on the road.

Walking sucks.

hey i feel for you hun!

When i had my SRX I once had to wait 6 weeks for an ignition coil - after 2 weeks on the bus I cracked and took the car to work instead, despite having to fork out an eye-watering £6 per day at the car park!! but the day you get the bike back on the road again will be sweeter than sugar

Well, it’s booked in for next week, I hope the cable turns up in time!

Vandalised? what happened?

some little rapscallions thought it would be funny to push it over. The headlamp became egg shapped, the bar end looks like it lost a fight with an industrial food processor, the indicators both smashed, the clutch lever snapped and upon replacement of that the cable went as well.

Not a great deal of damage, but sourcing the parts has been a bit of a bitch.

sorry to hear that, there is always someone that gets jealous, sad but happens all too often.

I doubt jealousy played a part to be honest. Desirable the bike ain’t.