swearing filter

i never noticed this before, so whats the deal with the swearing filter?

i posted the name of a pub called the orsett c o c k and i had to put spaces between the letters in the second word.

why is this in place? not a moan, just a wondering, as i assumed that we would be ok with sweaing on here?

The majority of our members & readers check the site during the day from work, and so we need to be ‘work-safe’. A lot of companies block sites with profanity or other questionable content, so we want to get by those filters unhindered. The filter’s not used much anyhow, as we’re a pretty well spoken bunch it seems

The filter’s not perfect though, hence why it censors some legitimate words. Doh.

fair do’s Jay - thanks for the info, sad get that i am!!

the ****ing ****ting ****ing swear filter is to **** sure my ****ing ***ing ****face swearing is kept in ****ing check… you got a ****ing problem **** that ****?


Good to see the traditional welsh language being kept alive there Matt

**** ********* * ******t