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Hello all, I’ve just found this forum so I thought I’d join in. It looks like it should pay off as I was wondering where I could learn how to maintain my bike and now I know about the OMC course! Passed my CBT and bought an mt-125 in December (0% woo). After a wet start that kept me away I’ve been riding every day to work for the last couple of weeks now I’ve got decent gear. Loving the motorbike commute having been stuck in a cage for my commute for too long, I used to cycle everywhere so the bike feels like a massive upgrade on that :slight_smile: I’m riding Teddington to Greenford so maybe see some of you along the way. I’m hoping to get the damn L plates off and full licence up before the summer but will probably hold onto the bike for the rest of the year…if I can resist the call of the Scrambler. Cheers, T

Nice first bike you got there! Welcome to the forum  

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Hey we have the same bike! It’s awesome, pretty fast for a 125, once you get comfortable on it you’ll be wringing it’s neck out everywhere and have a ton of fun.

I’m also looking to do DAS before the summer, doubt i’ll get rid of the bike just yet. Have you seen the Scramblers new competition in the form of the XSR700 and 900? lovely bikes.

Yes, the little MT is a great bike and I’m loving it so far. I went all stealth grey/black as the blue wheel option looks absurd on someone on the better side of 30. I’ve checked out the xsr700 and was all set on this at some point but I’ve come to the conclusion it’s way too fussy and I prefer the simplicity of the air cooled ducati twin. The fact it sounds ace with the sports exhaust and will hold its value better is also a factor! Check out pictures of the two bikes side by side and you’ll see what I mean about the mess of parts around the engine bay on the xsrs. Having said that I’ve not ridden either so I might still be swayed in due course - to sit on the xsr700 felt great in the shop! 

Haha I have the Race Blu! I’ve put over 4500 miles on my bike and I can tell you the blue wheels are a major pain to get clean and shiny. 

The anniversary editions are gorgeous, from what i’ve read the 900 is the better bike of the two and possibly better than the Duc. Can’t argue with Ducatis holding their value though, but Yamahas new bikes are doing very well.


Welcome to both you and your bike !!

welcome to LB, nice choice of bike :slight_smile:


Welcome to LB! Got a picture of your ride?

Welcome, the MT-125 is nice, from the few I’ve seen riding around London.

Welcome tjl80.

Hi buddy, show us yer ride

I’ll post some pics soon, I’ve got a very crap camera on my phone so I’m afraid this is all I have right now! Only mods are crash bars, vtrek levers and weighted barends



Welcome to the group/family