SW London Scooter servicing

Need your help folks, can anyone rec a decent, honest scooter dealer or mechanic in SW London for a work colleague who lives in Putney?

Your help is appreciated.

If you are after a Piaggio dealer we have alway found Ewell Scooter Centre to be very honest and very helpful. Their senior mechanic, Vernon is a genious who has saved us a lot of money doing effective custom solutions to otherwise expensive problems.

Dont Westfazer work for a scooter shop? ask him.

yes ido, im manager at scooterworld notting hill, and we also have a Chiswick Branch! 020 7243 1100

I also remember a dealer near Fulaum.

Thank you for your help everyone, will now let my colleague decide although would like to keep this “in house” as it were so a visit to Chiswick is in order.

If you drive a scooter there is a is a scooter repair shop at the bottom at the Thames. Just push your feeble moped off any of the bridges in London. There’s your scooter problem sorted

In all seriousness try Clerkenwell Motorcycles in Clerkenwell, if you are in the city, they sort scooter probs out a treat.

i think my scooter could do with a service before i sell it…

this might be a bit late but chelsea scooters are the nuts. used to use them in my old scootering days and sill pop down there for the odd bulb etc. top blokes down there. really honest and 'kin good at their jobs. it’s a 5 min ride from putney too. over wandsworth bridge and it’s the little shop on the left after the lights

BMG in Richmond/ Fulham Road have been fine for my Vespa.

#SGT Motorcycle in South Wimbledon - 0208 540 0889


Pffft. Couldn’t even MOT my bike properly.