SV650 what to look for?

as the title says.

I’m going to have a look at one so anything I should be looking at in particular?

thanks Jets ;0)

Curvy or Wedge shape

wedge it is a 07 model

The new SV650 looks so hot almost like Ducati but it drives like a dream. If… no when I pass I plan to get one.

I don’t think there’s anything in particular to look for. If it’s really 2007 model, it should have two spark plugs per cylinder - which means better fuel economy.

Hmm… there is no new SV650 (a great commuter bike, mine’s a K8).
Current Suzuki range (with the 650cc v-twin engine) is the SV650S or SFV650 (aka Gladius) with or without ABS, all three are heavier than the good old SV650.

And regarding what to look for… the K7 like the K8 is about as good as you can get.
The previous models could have cam chain tensioner issues with higher mileage.
Check for loud engine rattles, but they all rattle a bit :wink:

cheers mike. I’m all excited now. Always wanted one of these I’m such a nerd I could actually tell you where I was the first time I saw one and wanted one ever since.

Almost bullet proof. You will love them, very easy to ride both in town and on the twisties. Brakes are ok but not sports bike great, suspension is soft, again not sports bike great but these can be looked at and rectified. Reg/rec can go but you would be very unlucky if it did. Generally if well maintained and serviced then they will be good for 60+k miles easy and not show much wear and tear. Oh and they make a great track toy :wink::checkered_flag::trophy: