SV650 not starting

^ that’s a good check… can you pull a spark wire and hold it near the block (with appropriate insulation?) ?

Done that and no spark, I didnt have any proper tools so couldnt get the plug out to check properly

But its been used every day for the last week with no issue. Riding from Essex into the city and back Marmablade
yes but if the battery was on its way out, anything can kill it out of a sudden.  once my old R6 battery just died on idle while i was at the traffic lights on hammersmith giratory.  was starting on the button the same day without signs of giving up either.

It could be that so will see tomorrow when I go have another look

could be the bike had enough of the gay biker

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From memory there is a little switch that operates when you pull in the clutch. Which I think you have to do to give permission to start. This may be buggered/need adjustment or cleaning. Also check side stand switch.

I read about that too but I think that works as it wont spin the starter with the clutch out, as soon as you pull the clutch lever it spins the starter.

The Gay rider… Lol

Well, he’s not wrong is he…Mr heated grips!!!

I haven’t got any on these bikes… Ive manned up now

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Don’t know if it’s relevant. But the awkward front plug cap/plug recess is prone to crap/ moisture ingress. Causing a short and loss of cylinder. Given that it has been out in the salt and rain.perhaps that’s contributing.Could that be pulling enough down to stop the the rear cylinder firing too. It might be damaging other bits…coils perhaps.
Also you might want to check/clean earthing.
I heard a rumour years ago that during a service that the front plug/ lead maintenance could get ignored. Thus being left more vulnerable to the above problem.