Sv650 no spark.

Ive tried getting toonys sv started again today and no joy.

There is fuel getting to the carb but no spark at the plug.
Ive checked all the fuses and all seems to be fine, im quite confident when it comes to the mechanical side of things but electrics im crap with. Dont really want to go out and buy a stator and rectifier if its not that. Is anyone close to avely that is any good at testing electrical stuff on bikes and doesnt mind spending an hour or so trying to get to the bottom of things with us??

Its a 2000 curvy SV 650

Have you tried the basic stuff like checking the battery voltage? Does the starter motor click into life and try to turn the engine over?

Have you had the plugs out?
It’s probably got a coil for each cylinder and would be odd thay they have both died.

Something inback of my mind is saying dodgy clutch switch…swear was on a ride out and someones sv just cut out and wouldnt start but after a bit of jigger and pokery we realised it would fire ifclutch was pulled in but as soon as released it would cut out …but my memory is hazy

Clutch switch or stand switch
I’ve had issues with the clutch and stand switch on mine and it’s not an uncommon issue on Suzukis

Too true

Regards the clutch switch.
The bike still turns over on the starter button with the clutch pulled in but with it out it doesn’t turn over, so I thought thst meant the switch was ok. Would it still do this with a faulty switch? and can you bypass it to see if that’s the case?

switch is ok if the bike spins over with the clutch pulled in

have you tested the wire to the coil pack ?

is the bike alarmed ?

No alarm, I’ve not got testing equipment but neither plugs are getting a spark so just presumed it would be too coincidental for both to go at the same time.

I can lend you my tester

I have to come over to Hornchurch on Saturday

or you can pick it up from Brentwood during the week  

& I can get my son to drop off his SV Manuel

Saturday is fine, cheers. text or call me when your in Hornchurch and i’ll come meet you. That would be brilliant if i could borrow the manual too as that will help massively!