SV650 2018 Black/Red 13k Miles

Wasn’t able to attach more images, but I am happy to send them. You can also find more details by searching for SV650 2018 on Gumtree.

Okay, important things first:

I bought this new from the dealer (London) in 2018, it’s just shy of 13.000 miles, is in absolutely great condition, never crashed or even dropped, has all services done by an authorised dealer and stamped in the booklet, comes with all keys and all original parts (and service manual and service booklet). Bike has MOT, recent service, new tyres.

Only modifications are a small handlebar riser (SW-Motech, huge improvement), two R&G Crash protectors, a Givi Monokey mount and a dual-USB port (wired with ignition) for charging. If those aren’t needed, all can be removed easily (by me, or yourself at any time later, with simple tools).

Also: I just had two brand-new tyres fitted (less than 20 miles on them, but that will change a bit as I am still using the bike).

Reason for sale: I am moving back to Europe in a few weeks, and it’s quite complex to get the import permit and pay the Austrian NOVA duty for it (£1k!). So this is quite an emotional sale, because I absolutely love this motorcycle (and I will most likely buy it again used, once I’ve relocated).

Condition of the bike:

It rides like a dream, both in the city as well as on the motorway. It’s very quick to react and get you out of trouble if needed, but can ride smooth as butter just as well. Visually, it shows some use all around the bike, but no dents or anything serious. For that I’d recommend you just take a close look when you’re viewing the bike. I can also take more photos of any specific areas you are interested in. I have really taken care of it (I paid full price, so I wanted to keep it in perfect condition).

Just be aware that you will be complimented and asked about it quite frequently (I think it’s the red accents, similar to Ducati). That surprised me a bit, coming from an old Yamaha.

It’s not been used to commute, hence the low mileage. I usually ride it in and around London every few days or so and have taken it on occasional tours. I’ve had a used Yamaha Fazer before (which I also loved), but there is just no comparison to this, the Suzuki makes it instantly clear it’s a wholly different era of design and technological precision.

The bike has Datatag.

Accessories: if needed, it comes with a VERY hefty 16mm Pragmasis (best in the business) chain, worth £160. If needed, you can also have an Oxford disc lock (alarmed, but battery needs replacing). And if you want to park it in London, I also have ANOTHER chain, an Oxford 2m chain that I am willing to include if needed.

Top box is not included but can be added for £100 extra. It’s the Givi V47NNT, 47 litres, Carbon look, Monokey.

A test ride is possible, but given we’re in London, things are a little bit more complicated. So test rides are accepted only after everything else checks out for you and you would be ready to complete the purchase (only thing left open being the test ride).

This also means: if you are still unsure if the SV650 is the right bike for you, then this bike here is not the one you should test to figure that out. I would recommend to ride it at a dealer first, they are always happy to let you ride one. I can recommend the dealer at Dalston Kingsland (that’s where I bought it).

If you want to test ride, bring the full payment with you (we can meet anywhere public in Central London for that if you prefer to specify a safe or public place), and you’ll need to have a full motorcycle license with you. I’ll keep the payment while you ride the bike. If anything gets damaged or the bike goes down, it’s considered sold.

If you prefer me to ride the bike for a few loops around a parking lot, I can do that of course and you don’t have to bring any cash.

My main objective is to find someone who is able to handle the bike and understands how to behave in these kinds of transactions. If you’re a nice person and easy to deal with, then I am more than happy to spend plenty of time with you to talk through the details of the bike and give you as much time as you’d like to inspect it. I want you to make a great purchase and be happy with it.

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I’m not looking to buy myself, but a price you have in mind might help


Good point, totally overlooked that. Thanks!

Looking for about £4k, willing to go down a bit depending on what extras will be handed over with the bike (£150 Pragmasis chain 16mm, Top Box and Givi Mount, etc.)

Bike is sold now, just in case anyone comes across it here later. Wasn’t able to remove the post. Thanks!