SV 650 Tyre Pressure

Gents & Ladies,

Know a few people have them, I had a brief look through the manual, and looked online but struggling to find the correct pressures (as each site is slightly different).

A few seem to say
Front - 33 PSI
Rear - 36 PSI

Is that right?

Service manual says 33 and 36. Haven’t seen any other recommendations.

Sounds about right on a 120 F 160 R middleweight.

@ nails where did you find that? to be fair I was walking out the door so may have overlooked it.

Cheers though both, I’ll go with that,

ideally, should be adjusted to your weight, road conditions and riding style. :smiley:

@Silva, so what would be the setup for - Tubby Wet Slow? or TWS as it will now affectionately be known…

@ nails where did you find that? to be fair I was walking out the door so may have overlooked it.

Cheers though both, I’ll go with that,

The Sleeper
I've got service manual which I found here I believe

TWS 33-38 then :smiley:

Jokes aside, have you got the suspension done? SVs are waaay too soft usually

Nope, I was talking to someone about that on a ride out a while back (sorry can’t remember if it was you) who said it makes a world of difference. 

I’ve never really been one for modding bikes to be honest, but may consider that as it is a 2nd mention.

I had one, you’ll feel like it’s a different bike. Friend of mine had a SV1000 which he named “the boat” :smiley:

There’s only preload front and back that can be adjusted.

I’ve changed my SV to progressive springs up front with near enough max preload there.
Just a couple of notches extra preload at the back.
It still clunks loudly over speed bumps, perhaps I should slow down :wink:

As for tyre pressure, yes front 33 and rear 36 is correct, unless you’re v large and/or have a pillion.

@mike - is that why every now and then I’m getting a clunking on the pot holes / speed bumps etc? it’s not all the time but been driving me crazy what is causing the noise

Brake pads knocking on the calliper ?

@wise - doubt it just doesn’t sound like a noise I’d expect if it was that.

You would be best advised to check any moving part the.
IE swinging arm and headstock for starters
And both my brake pads and discs rattle like fuk when I go potholing
But my bike has fully floating discs and they do rattle like fuk

It’s a SV650 they all do that (well all 4 that I’ve had)

Sounds like a horrible loud clunk coming from the front.
I thought it was knackered head bearings at first but checked them… all OK
As I said I’ve fitted progressive springs and upped the preload, seem to be less clunks now.

cheers mike, yer that’s exactly what it sounds like.

does this applies to the carb model?

as i have never experienced that on mine.

That knocking sound is part of shitty old fork design. I have k-tech springs with changed oil and it still does that. I’ve heard emulators might help with that, but they come at 120£ a set +the labour or smth like this.

The only real solution is changing internals which is stupid expensive or changing forks for gsxr ones. But then u’ll require new wheel, brakes … 

If you’ll go for stiffer front springs I would suggest changing rear shock too, cos it’s crap. And then invest 50£ in suspension setup.

As for the tyres manual says 33-36. I ride 32-35 (more grip is never bad). If you ride mostly motorways I would suggest sticking to the manual.