Suzuki SV650 dented tank

Hi guys, some absolute c*&^ tipped over my immaculate 2009 SV650 last night. Clutch lever, rear indicator broken which is easy enough to fix, but the really pisser is the tank has been dented by the bar end, cracking the paint.
A friend of mine has suggested visiting a car body repair shop.
Any suggestions? I’ve already started looking for one from a breakers but they seem thin on the ground.

Scum! Hope you can get it sorted cheaply.

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Nice neighbours you’ve go there. Have you tried the ever lovely @scorch (Scorch Motorcycle Services) or @Big_D (DR Bikes) to see if they can sort you out?


Damn, that’s crap luck fella. Any idea who did it? Got video evidence?

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Yes I do, but it’s not a lot of use when the police aren’t interested!

I’m in N11 by the way, Bounds Green.

Here’s a screenshot of him pulling it against the side stand, it eventually topples over.

Thanks for the heads up on these guys, I’ll certainly give them a look-see. Always good to have recommendations. :sunglasses:

So you know this guy? I think I’d be paying him a visit to have a word.

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Potentially the tank can be removed and air pressure used to pop the dent out. What’s more realistic is the sand back the paint, fill in the dent with body filler and respray it. Any body shop will be able to do this. Oh and it’ll need repainting even with the air pressure method.

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Perfect excuse to get someone (I got Scortch) to do a new paintjob


Yes I figured those are the options.

I’ve just been quoted £180 for a tank which would have to be sprayed (they haven’t got any in black).

I’m beginning to think this option is going to work out about the same as repairing. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to do any of the work myself (age, location, etc) I know my favourite shop could do it (Motorcycle Service Centre, Harrow Road).

@Panagiotis where did you get this impressive art done :astonished:

I designed the look and got @scorch to paint it! :wink: decals are under the lacquer btw

I like it a lot. Haha i shall consider something like this when i get my bigger bike

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Was that clown trying to pull the cover off to have a look? Bike tipping sounds really bizarre even for the scrote element.

Nope, he walks up grabs the rear of the bike and pulls it round to the left- this is against the side stand. He pulls again and it spins and topples over. Absolutely on purpose. It’s all in the video.
I know all my friends disbelieved it too or said it was a grudge, but it was a random act of mindless damage.

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What a cretin.

Maybe he was drunk. Arsehole, either way.