Suzuki OEM Parts?

I need to get new front discs and pads for my bike but really struggling to source them. I have a 2015 GSX-R 750 and it came stocked with a Brembo System. The only place I have found is demon-tweeks all other sites offer EBC which sounds like a step down to me.

Anyone know where I can check? Also for the mechanics on here, every time I price up a part at the garage they open a big book of wonders and check some random site and give me a price. Do you know where they get their stuff from? Once I caught a glimpse at a screen at a dealers and they seem to be referencing custom software where they have the full schematic of the bike with part numbers and all.

You could ask Franco’s

But what’s wrong with Demon Tweaks?

Nothing is wrong with Demon Tweeks, just always good to have options especially where price is concerned. Also they don’t usually stock everything so good to understand where else I can look

Best place I’ve used for Suzuki spares is Robinsons Foundry -

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I use Robinson’s, Wemoto, Demon Tweaks and anybody else - but Franco’s is local to me and they’ve always been straight with me so I try them first.

Is Franco’s what used to be Spares Direct on the Harrow Road?

I used Spares Direct a lot when I lived a 5 min walk away in Kensal Green, but that was back in the days before the whole online thing really took off.

Nothing wrong with EBC except for motorcycle brake discs being horrendously expensive, how is it they can cost 10 times the price of car discs!

There are two components that I’ve never had to replace on any of my mo’cycles - the brake discs and the clutch plates. Fair enough I’ve haven’t knocked up inter-galactic mileage either but I’ve had my share of 80,000 milers. My question is why do you think you need to replace the discs? I’m not saying you don’t it’s just that I’ve seen so many discs replaced on low mileage motorcycles that have more than 50% of their service life left in them so I’m curious.

Yup. Franco took over Spares Direct. They seem to know their stuff so I keep going back.

I had to change my front disks on the Bandit because one was warped - I think Essential Rubber told me that I should change them both and that coincided with me wanting to upgrade the lines. I changed the back one when I got an advisory on an MOT that it was a bit thin. I thought I might as well change it the next time I changed the pads - which was sooner than I expected probably because I’d changed the lines.

another +1 for francos, really know their stuff and have everthing.

Fowlers stock most things too, and have online parts diagrams

They are warped that’s why I have to change them. Its a funny one, cause I bought the bike new back in 2015 and within a year they got warped. Didn’t ride of with disc locks on or any of the usual suspects. The dealer sorted it out but it happened again within a couple years. I really don’t know what’s causing it. Its starting to seriously affect riding and breaking performance so gotta get it done.

As for EBC I am making an assumption that because my entire brake system is Brembo that its best to stick with it. Also they are meant to be a premium product as far as I understand. Additionally I read a few old posts on here with bad views on EBC and it seems to be hit and miss based on who I speak with.

FWIW if I put in the part reference number for the discs I bought, they come up as a suzuki part - the front ones can be bought from Fowlers in the UK but the back one doesn’t seem to be available here currently. But they ain’t Brembo anyway. What happens if you google the part numbers for yours?

Fuck that noise, buy chinese disks. They work just fine.

I think that’s where I am struggling. Every part catalogue i find online does not list the discs as a part. But if I take the Brembo 78B40863 from demon tweeks a few results shows its suzuki but up to 2014. Even when I search Fowlers they don’t have brakes as a part for mine. I swear my year is blight :rofl:. Most every sight will give me parts to the 2014 but not 2015 then from 2016.

@me_groovy seriously :joy:, you gonna come scrape me up from the side of the track :rofl::rofl:

Brembo vs EBC it’s like asking for recommendations on engine oil, ask three people and you’ll get four answers. Now if I’ve got this right three sets of Brembo discs have warped and now your looking around for a fourth! That’s not a funny one that’s expensive or is it a track bike? If I was a gambling man I’d wager a fourth pair of discs will go the same way as the four pairs before. I’d question who is fitting these discs? Are they fitting them correctly? Are they checking for any run out after fitting the new discs?

edit: Are the new discs/pads being properly broken in?

Not 3 sets 2. The first one, the bike was still in warranty so got that for free and it was done by the dealers. I am on the second warped set now. Not a track bike but been doing a few more track days which has made the problem more noticeable and want to do even more. As for break in I would say yes. Back then I commuted from Reading to London every day so two days of easy breaking more than covered the distance. This time it will be my garage in Reading doing the fit, they are ook.

@Jay, which of your bikes was it you used to do track days on with chinese disks?

Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K5. Did loads of touring and trackdays, never had an issue with them. Man, they looked good :slight_smile:

I think a phone call to Franco’s is the next step

Not that I am going to use them :smiley: , but out of interest what brand or was it no-name and was it an ebay buy