Suzuki n Moto GP

Last of the pix, had some more free time this weekend so I went down to see her


__Picture 010.jpg

__Picture 025.jpg

_____Picture 021.jpg

_Picture 029.jpg



Picture 047.jpg

___Picture 040.jpg

Picture 035.jpg

as bernard mathews might say


Definately. Nice one DA! Where was this? Nice photography, I like the lighting.

I’m slowly getting my Suzuki there

There are TWO Moto GP bikes sitting in London about 2miles from each other.
One is the Gixer its at Pole Postion on Regents street (shops used to be called Alex Reed) and the other is Stoners bike in Harrods, there is also a decent fake Ducati GP bike at Motroplis but is soon to be moved on .

Word down at the Paddock has it that one more GP bike is on its way to our fair city if it gets here ill post up where.

I wonder if they’ll let us borrow it.


I asked and even though I have an account with them all I got to do was touch her

So what camera and settings did you use mate? I really like some of those pics. We may have to do something!

The camera is a Canon EOS 400D, with the standard & standard zoom 18-55mm Lens, set to fully manual and on the tungsten light setting, don’t know what other info you want.

Doing something is all good but I don’t own the camera I have to lend it until I can afford my own D-SLR