Suzuki LT-R450 Racing Quad

Sold my 04 R1 to buy this and hopefully have some fun rather than worry about stupid fines for loud cans and illegal visors etc- such criminals. Oh and not having to worry about idiot car drivers who dont see and dont take any notice Gonna try and do a bit of racing on it

Darbo, you’re crazy! This thing is crazy as well, but come on, the R1 was mega!? Did you sell it whole, or revert to stock and sell the bits on their own?

RM-Z 450 engine is proper mad, I hear? Got a video of it?

Hey up Jay, yea the R1 was a top bike- im pretty pissed off to let it go but it was for a couple of reasons, some of which i mentioned above but main reason i have been struggling to ride it, bad hips and groins from years of playing Rugby.

I sold the bike whole to my step brother who was laughing his tits off at what he got for the money, couldnt be bothered to strip it and sell parts seperate, at least its still in the family so to speak.

The LT-R450 sounds awesome and is apparenlty very quick, i have still to ride yet as i have been sorting transport out etc, i am hoping to do some form of racing next year if only a couple of meetings to say ive done it. What i cant get my head around is going from a mint R1 that never got dirty to having a bike that is suppossed to get dirty- it will kill me.

The crazy thing is though, having rode quads off road it is more fun than riding on the road and this may sound daft but its a whole lot more comfortable for me to ride and get about the bike on corners etc .

I have a Honda TRX400 here in Spain, it is similar to your Suzuki but with a little less polished bling and the super tough XR400 air cooled engine is probably lighter but less powerfull. They are a mental laugh to ride, I had mine cornering on 2 wheels & doing wheelies within 5 minutes, it really is a 4 wheeled motocrosser.


Copy of on 2 wheels.JPG

Dont know about the polished bling thing All serves its purpose for racing as used by the racing team that supplied them.

Darbo the new toy looks crazy and a lot of fun but you sold the carbon wheeled R1 say it ain’t so… say it ain’t so I loved what you had done to that bike.

Yea sold it, lock stock and barrel. Even sold all my kit within a week Sold it to my Step-Brother who is having great enjoyment rubbing my nose in it evertime i go around