Suzi & Mick

Suzi Perry & Mick Doohan. Getting a bit close aren’t they :kiss: :wink:



Ill fight him for her, shes a babe.

Cor Mickys looking old nowadays… he still rocks my boat though :w00t:

I’m sure she must live near me. I’ve seen her driving a Boxster rag-top about several times:)

She’s luverleeee:cool:

And can you blame him? :wink:

Maybe he’s about to ‘Headbutt Her’ :stuck_out_tongue: (if you remember the incident :wink: )

wouldent u want to b that close shes a babe

Pity she was part of that silly DVLA tax your bike campaign…She can’t be short of a few bob.Maybe it was the principle of the thing :rolleyes: :smiley:

Suzi is a certain person’s fave burrd of all time!

Is it just me or Is she asking him to “Cough” whilst holding his sphericals with her left hand?:stuck_out_tongue: