Suspension set-up at BN Race Science

Today I booked my third bike, “Jeff the Ninja”, in with Brian. I’ve had this Ninja 1000SX for 15 months and have done just over 16k miles on it.

I had someone else supposedly set it up (Nov 2022), but they were unhelpful, offered no documentation, and there was no benefit that I could feel. I had my dealership put the bike back to the factory default settings as part of a service (Apr 2023).

So today, 9th July 2023, I took the toy down to Brian. He had set up both of my previous bikes (ZX-10R 2016 and ZX-10R 2016 models) and there were noticeable improvements. However, this time the improvements made were more prominent. As usual, Brian takes measurements of what the current settings are before doing any adjustments. I’m glad he does this, because it transpired that my dealership had not correctly put everything back to the standard settings, as the left and right compression settings where noticeable different.

During my journey home, Jeff the Ninja and I got on better than we had ever done. The steering felt lighter, the damping was dramatically improved, and I felt more confident.

I thoroughly recommend Brian’s services. He not only does a great job, but he’s happy to share his knowledge about it too, something which a lot of people don’t do. Brian provides a completely professional service.

Until you’ve experienced a poorly set up bike and then had it correctly set up, you may never realise what is lacking on your bike, and how good it can be.

Brian Nicholson - Thank you for transforming my third bike into a wonderfully handling toy. Jeff says “Thanks” too.


As far as I’m concerned this is the only real upgrade that delivers a genuine performance improvement in the real world and it’s excellent value for money.

If you have adjustable suspension and it’s not set up, you don’t know what you are missing.

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Brian did my set up a few years ago and on the way home I took my favourite corner 10% faster. I’ve been smiling ever since.


It is only 22mph in a 30mph zone. That extra 2mph feels sooooo good :blush:

When I bought my S1000RR many moons ago on my first Sunday prayer meeting I could not ride the bike as it was like a bucking bronco. Took it to Brian and he said it was setup for a track day! after a few test runs I got worried as he picked up his sandwiches and said see you in awhile. What seemed like hours later he returned minus the sandwiches and said all done. It was totally transformed.


Always make sure it has a full tank so @B can run any errands he needs to do.


I got mine dialed in again at the weekend. Bike feels great.