Suspension Service

Does anybody have a recommendation for someone in South London (I’m based near Crystal Palace) that’s good for looking at my front forks? I knew the seals needed looking at but have spotted some rust around the the seal region which needs looked at sooner than later me thinks.

that will be me im at the top of lordship lane… :slight_smile: ill PM number if you want to jive me a call

theres this place too.

ive never used them yet but just talking to them on the phone they’ve helped me out with a few things in the past

if thats at wandsworth they dont exist anymore

yes thats the place…what happened? they closed down?

was thinking of taking th ecbr there too

i went with a rear shock the other month to find a scooter place they left awhile ago dunno why.

Cheers for the replies and PMs to this. I’m going to talk to Adz and see what he recommends as I know now he is dead local to me.