Suspension - New rear shock

I am thinking that i need to replace my rear shock soon. mainly because im at the last level or preload (im not thaaaat heavy am i?? :ermm: )

I dont do much trackdays but do fast town riding (think courier more than Bikesafe :Whistlig: ) so dont think i need a high end one.

What would you recommend? also would i need to replace the fork springs as well?

also am i better of talking to ‘B’ and getting him to source/ set up things?

I’d look on hornet’s nest…I got a lot of good info from the SV650 forum, ended up with the right springs/oil/etc in the front and a ZX6R rear shock, but that is very specific for my bike/weight so I think you’ll need to do more research.

yeah talk to B first, he might be able to help you get sorted. Mebbe someone like Hagon would offer a good replacement without it being top racer quality and therefore a shedload of cash.

Yes the Hornet 600 does bounce around a lot on the limited std suspension. Winding up the preload to it’s max is about all all you can do on the rear.

An aftermarket rear shock is a good idea and anything should be better than the std kit, check out the websites that have been suggested and you might be able to pick one up at a sensible price. I’ll check out what price we can get a Hagon for and will let you know.

The biggest problem I’ve seen on the Hornet 600’s is with the front end, it’s a pogo stick. Transform it with an easy cheap fix: linear springs and a slightly heavier oil or even cheaper just change fork oil with (from memory, will check) a 15w.

If the rear shock is a Showa unit, it can probably be rebuilt.

At same time, a spring more suited to your weight can be fitted.

Don’t know where you’re based, but Steve Jordans near Box Hill can give you a reasonable quote for the work.

Or B, can you rebuild shocks?

Afro is right. If the shock is a rebuildable unit (most are these days) get a decent suspension company to look at if first.

For about half the price of (say) a new Hagon, they will tailor the unit to suit you and the bike and strip/clean/lube the other linkage bits.

The standard Hornet shock is very difficult to rebuild, some Honda included say impossible, some firms claim to be able to do it. But whats the point? it ends up costing loads. And you still end up with a soggy a**e. financially you are better off fitting a Hagon. Which will give you a nice firm ride.
Forks good quality (linear) springs of your choice, thicker oil, personally I’ve got 20w but I like a tight front end. Also a longer spacer - by about 3/4" works well. Having the oil holes drilled out a bit is another mod worth doing. BSD in Peterborough did my forks. Transformed the ride.

Just cut down on the pies Pan! ;):hehe:

took another pic this time at max (one is at max-2) and cant see much difference :ermm:


Have you set the static sag on the bike ?
Preload is basically putting tension on the spring which, contrary to popular belief doesn’t ‘harden’ anything up, but it does raise the ride height.
If you’e going to go down the rebuild or new shock route, it’s worth getting a spring matched to your weight.

i am prob gonna get a new shock, as huckero mentioned the hornets shock cant be rebuild.

will def mention that im an athletic 15 stone! :smiley:

Only kidding Pan! A new shock plus heavier oil in the front as suggested should really transform how the bike feels.

I think Hagon works out the most economical and does the job.

i know mate… :stuck_out_tongue: looked at prices of some of the other brands : WP,Ohlins (how much??? :pinch: ) etc
but think ill go with Hagon.

also was told to either go for 15w or 20w oil

question: should you mix and match or better off going with same brand in fork springs and rear shock?

I don’t think it matters.

However, If I were you I’d just start of with replacing the oil rather than the springs - see how it feels - it should be a real improvement.

If your still not happy with the front then look at the springs.

what just replace rear shock and fork oil?

Yes - new rear shock and new heavier oil up front should do the trick.

If I could get down to 15st, I’d consider myself athletic :smiley:

Also look at Nitron shocks.

Quality at reasonable prices