surrey ride 12th april plus hotrod pics

as above surrey rideout sunday, my gaff for 10 or box for half ten, oh and some pics of the streetrod show from today :smiley:

well got there early as advised and was damp showers, got parked up but in the show bit:eek: lol stayed dry up until lunch then it pissed down bad and wasnt stopping, some lovely motors around, nice to see the hotrod/streetrod scene still alive as some cracking motors there, everything from mk1 fezzas to yankys to vdubs and even some we didnt even recognise… daz bought some right cheapy tools though there:eek::wink: lol and see a 50 grand rod grind itself out on a kerb and he kept back and forthing crunching away the nob :smiley: pmsl. had a few good burn ups with folk but turbos and rain dont play nice together … as we were leaving bout 12 everysingle road leading to it was packed for miles so i presume its choca there then now as was rammed full when we left :eek: :eek: :eek: anyows great day shame it wasnt sunny as be nice to sit around in the sun there, heres a few pics loving the stepsides and the pop’s. :cool:

i really like the look of this one:w00t: would look cool with a few moto’s on the back:D