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Supermoto world championship

Cool little channel bringing you latest sumo championship racing.

Round 1:


Round 2


This is exactly what happens to someone who buys a SM

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goes racing?

Finds obscure things to watch


Mine mainly sits in the garage at the moment. I need to do something about that.

Make it comfortable


I did, I bought a GS to sit next to it.

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While.the drz does all the sweeping?

The DR-Z is a bit put out, it’s been all dolled up and has nowhere to go. Need to take it out for some off-roading.

I wouldn’t ask @Panagiotis , his idea of offroading is carrying his bike through the mud

At the moment my version of off-road is having the bike in the garage with its engine opened

What have you done now!?

That’s the second most common type of activity on a KTM!

Starter flywheel seems to have gone. Currently waiting to be opened up

Photos, or it didn’t happen.

I concur. we want pics.

That’s what’s currently wrong with my drz too!

Though mines waiting on me getting around to it (and getting a flywheel puller)