Supermoto Tyres

Anyone use/d these on a commuter motard?

I’ve seen a few sumos with these on riding around the London streets, I know they’re road legal but just wondered if they are purely meant for the track and if you’d be stupid to put them on a bike that the main purpose is for commuting?

The SXV I’m getting Friday apparently needs a new rear, it has the following tyres as standard:

Front: Dunlop Sportmax D208RR 120/70 x 17"
Rear: Dunlop Sportmax D208RR 180/55 x 17"

But I don’t think you can get these tyres anymore, so wondered if anyone could suggest appropriate alternatives if the Goldspeeds aren’t the best choice?

Cheers! :smiley:

Tbh I’d go for any road tyre but for looks I’d get pilot power 1 cos they look cool:D

Nice one mad-dog, couple of others have recommended them on other forums too. Cheers mate :slight_smile:

Mad-Dog, didn’t you have these on one of your bikes? I went back to BT090’s as in didn’t remember getting all the cold tyre wheelspin the rear Dunlop & Goodspeed I’d had. I have a sh1t memory!:blush:

Check Supermoto Tyres FAQ at AAA Racing;

A Supermotos are lighter, slower and often achieve greater lean angles than most sports bikes.

“The only thing similar between a Supermoto tyre and a Super Sport tyre is the colour!”

The compounds used in Goldspeed Supermoto tyres are specific to the lighter carcass (hence weight) and the different operating temperature of Supermotos. You need tyres that are sticky at 20 mph in tight hairpin turns and round-abouts whereas Sportsbikes need stability at 150 mph, consequently the compounds and profiles are very different.

Your bike will behave very differently with a specific set of SM tyres. The profile of the front tyre in particular is very influential on how your bike will turn.

So for racing they must be better.

For the road riding any rear tyre will be good. I like to have wet tyre at front which gives my lots of confidence in any conditions.

i mean these

had these good in dry but scary in the wet

Why did I think you had these?

Or was it these?

For these reasons I think SM’s are advised to take ‘H’ rated supersport tyres (max speed = 130(?)mph)

had them too sneaky and you right there scary in wet:hehe:
this is why it’s good to have spare wheels for wet and dry weathers:D

Thanks gents for your input. I had already read that guide on AAA racings website - cheers motodrb :slight_smile:

I don’t want any scary moments in the wet so I’m going to get something a bit more sensible like the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT :slight_smile:

had the non 2CT Pilot Power on the front on my old DRZ and was quite surprised how well it did. Managed to do only about 200miles(than i sold the bike) so it wasn’t even scrubed properly but it never scared me really and the 2CT will be even better. If u want to save some cash u can go with 2CT front and non2CT rear.
Had a Pirelli Diablo on the rear and that scared me a few times when cold even on a DRZ:D

Thanks dodojanik :), spoke to the dealer today and they’ve actually already ordered one of these for the rear:

Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier RR 180/55/17

Look OK to me, maybe not ideal for wet though - apparently they’re the closest match to the original tyres.

Do they come in ‘H’ rating?

just noticed that it’s a 180 tyre so doubt it will be H rated as there isn’t a lot of 160 tyres which are H’s :hehe:

I’ve got Pilot power 2CT’s on my Duke 3 & really like them. On an Aprillia SXV with a 180 rear you can’t have Goldspeeds as they don’t do a 180 only a 160 rear.


The Sportmax Qualifier RR are W rating (168MPH) lol - thing is though, these are the OEM tyres from Aprilia on the current SXVs :blink:. Shiny new rear tyre that is maybe not so good in the wet, just looked at the weather forecast for up north on Friday - rain, thunder/lightening. This is going to be interesting :wink:

the stock tyres(Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa) on a 690SMC are W rated as well and they stick like crazy in the dry so u will fine with yours.

and don’t worry about the rain as that’s where a SM rules :stuck_out_tongue: