Supermoto trackday, 3 sisters Wigan

Went Friday £45 for the day, track was small layout in the morning and full track after lunch. We went in novice group with the pit bikes because never been there before and was not sure if the weather would hold out but luckily it did



Good fun. Few friends did evenings at Whilton on Tuesdays. That’s not too far for us. we need to go.

Yes looks good mate :sunglasses:

New’ish boots, my last Supermoto boots lasted 10years and 7 crashes so time to treat myself :grimacing:
Surprisingly comfy but still rigid :+1:t2:


Very cute :slight_smile:

Where do you find these suppermoto trackdays, the drz wants a go

Whilton mill do every Tuesday 5pm till 9pm £25, I’ve never been there because of work.
Sadly south England don’t have much for Supermoto riding