Superbyke 125 Scoot review

I dropped of my Superduke with Bracken for its first service this morning. I asked if I could have a loan bike, when I booked it in, and they said they had some 125s and scoots, I said that was ok (I only need it to get to the city and back).

I was giving a “well used” (1200 miles) example of this:

I don’t mind scooters, in fact, I quite like them, and I must confess, this one doesn’t look too bad. It’s bright orange, and it’s got some nice faux carbon bits on it that I guess would be to the liking of many spotty teenagers.

Well … I have never been so scared in my life on any sort of bike/car/skateboard/vehicle. The speed of the thing is astonishing, and the brakes are beyond believe!!! It’s spectacular that they can make this thing and it’s allowed to be on the road.
I’ve ridden scooters, but never twist and go, but wasn’t put of by the though. Then I got on it, twisted the throttle and expected it to go, but my dear, I was wrong. After a few seconds lag, I could indeed feel the thing trying to move, then I realised I should lift my feet of the ground, otherwise the thing doesn’t have enough power to “lift off”. Getting up to speed (i.e. about 15-20mph) takes a couple of minutes, but don’t worry, you will not wait for that because the brakes are so weak, it takes as long to stop. In fact, I think you’re better off buying some decent boots and using those to stop.

You must get one if you want the thrill of your life. You will experience wondering when somebody is going to bang into you while you try to get away from the traffic lights, crapping your pants the first time you try to stop this thing, being overtaken by pensioners riding their pedal bikes back from the shops, and bikers wondering what is wrong with you.


If those specs are right that is a truelly rubbish 125. It produces about half the power of most 125s (the legal limit for learners is 11Kw, not 6!) and the top speed is not even high enough for you to qualify for a full license if you took your test on it (it needs to do 100kph). Not exactly a typical 125 scooter then.

ofcourse giuliano you are right , it has much low power than 125cc scooter. Even it is lower than 100cc .