Super Moto?? Which One???

Hi All,
Need your help and expertise from all you Guru’s out there :smiley:
Am thinking of getting into Supermoto’s, can anyone recommend me any?
Basically, I have only seen KTM’s/Ducati Supermoto’s, I know they probably are the best, but are they expensive to run?
I am pretty short measuring 5ft 5 so I’m wondering if I am able to get my feet down on one, I’m riding a R6 and I can tip toe both feet down :w00t:

My Budget is 3k or less (must have 2 wheels :P)

Thanks All!

I had a KTM625smc which was great fun!Kman has a CCM 404DS for sale on LB for £1850! -

I suppose it depends what you want it for…

I would actually argue that certain Husqvarnas/Husabergs are “the best”…
would also like to test an Aprilia…

I bought one mainly for commuting and decided on a CCM with a Suzuki engine,
because they were cheaper to buy and maintain.
The DS model also has the ability to have off-road wheels fitted :wink:

Yeah, that looks good i might have to send himn a PM cheers :smiley:

Basically, want one to ride to work and the occasional hooning ard on :smiley:

Hi mate,

I was looking at getting a moto for a fun machine/commuter a while ago.

I was looking at a ccm 404 DS.

Im 5’5’’ too and i had a look at a 404 it looked pretty tall but i actually got both feet flat on the ground. (that was with the moto wheels fitted)

Tried a drz 400 which is a simillar bike and that fit well also. i preferd the look of the ccm.

in the end it didnt seem so practical as an everyday commuter so i ended up with a hornet in the.

Just trying to convince the misses the benfits of having three bikes now!!:smiley:

LOL Weeman, i like your thinking :smiley:

Just don’t tell ur missus like me, she nvr goes in the garage so she’ll nvr know :stuck_out_tongue:

So looks like the CCM then :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want something with supermoto aspirations yet practical (real supermotos need a lot of attention and are no good for commuting etc, unless you’re a home mechanic), you could do worse than look at a Yamaha XT660.
A bit more poke than the DRZ engine, yet a lot of fun, and very practical (long service intervals, good on fuel, can do longer distances on it etc etc).
Off course I’m a bit biased as I’m selling mine :wink:

Come and have a look/listen if you want (those akros sound awesome and it’s set up properly).

Yeah, saw urs, nice! especially wif the Akra’s :smiley:
Tempted but mileage is bit too high for me :w00t:

Why you sellin it bud? You gona get a proper moto? :wink:

Should of posted this in the supermoto section, would get more atention from moto riders although there doesnt seem to be much action in there these days.

I personaly wouldnt get a moto if you just want it for commuting. The fun with supermoto’s is the twisty roads, get on the big straights and it tends to get boring which is also when you run the risk of gettin caught doin stupid things like wheelies :wink: cause ya bored.

They are awsome bikes and i must just be lucky or sumat cuz i hardly service my bike and she gets abused loads, or well she did and will when i get her out here with me. I use mine for commuting but i dont tend to go direct, i go looking for roads to play on so a short journy soon turns into a big one but the grin i get is worth it.

Oh and if your plannin on taking pillions then yeah you’ll have to stick with the fake moto’s cuz a proper moto aint built for that sort of thing.

But like i say if its commuting your looking for i wouldnt go with a moto

As i was going to look for this thread i saw the Supermoto Doh!

Yeah Asbo understand where ur coming from, Supermotos are boring on straights, but its taking it on the twisty roads and pulling effortless wheelies which make it fun :smiley:

Private roads of course :wink:

Oh, no i don’t take pillions :smiley:

Not a proper moto, but I have gone to the orange side:


most motos will be too high for you, big singles that is…

DRZ may fit but there slow and reliable… still a good first moto though

big motos may be ok but i dont think you will get one for 3k…

had a go on this xt660 a week ago while driesie was on my 525 & was impressed with the bike after knocking the xt for so long:w00t: punchy in the gears and comfy too:cool: is it a full on supermoto…no but as a all rounder that can take a lot of miles with no probs. if i need something to get me about then it would be a xt660:w00t:

Yeah, saw urs, nice! especially wif the Akra’s
Tempted but mileage is bit too high for me

22K miles is just about bedded in for an XT engine, you get a shed load of expensive extras on a bike that has been well looked after. You should take a look.

Moto’s no good for commuting? No good for long M and A roads I’ll give you, but for urban and central london traffic I found mine ideal except decent waterproof boots are needed.

Cheers buddy let me see those pics again :smiley:

indeed iv worked on it and ridden it and its a good bike and with the akra’s and the powercomander its way smoother that other XT660’s if ridden.

with that milage it will still last a life time longer than a KTM duke II with 5000 miles on it… :smiley:

as the guy who built it, I can agree that it’s a good one, but I think it’s gone now!

Yep, unfortunatly, it’s been picked up by its new owner this evening :crying: