Super-motards? Who has?

I’m thinking of buying a super-motard but not sure which one to go for.

Always liked the Aprillia Dorsoduro 1200

But what about the Hypermotard?


Who has what, and any comments on either?

Thank you!

I think you ask anyone who is a true motard head, they’ll tell you that those are relatively tame or not pure motards… Something like an EXC or a CR is truer to the motard mentality… Basically offroaders converted to SM.

It all depends what you want out of it? Are you going to be using it daily, service intervals yada yada

I’ve got a 625 SMC (KTM) and I have it as a second bike… it’s tame compared to the ‘true’ motards but for what I want out of it, it does the job… :slight_smile:

It would be something that I use daily, plus the ability to do long rides on it, but something that I can have fun on in the process.

Sounds like a job for a Superduke :smiley:

I still remember my first ride of 220+miles on my 625… could barely walk the next day! :smiley:

I wouldn’t say that a Hypermotard is ‘tame’, rather that it is too heavy to be a ‘real’ supermoto.

I’d go for an LC4 engined KTM, Husqvarna SM 610 or Suzuki DRZ 400 based on what you’ve said, however the Hypermotard or Dorsoduro would be more suited to longer rides (longer legs, more comfortable) - just don’t drop them :wink:

This is coming from a former SM 610 owner, not tried the two former bikes, just going on reviews.

Yeah mightlife is right… didn’t mean tame in turns of speed etc as I haven’t tried them but they are quite bulky whereas your hardcore SM riders seem to fancy lighter, more agile bikes

If you are going to commute on it in London remember they are high on the list of thieves targets. So make sure that you either have secure parking at work, or you can add deterrents against sticky fingered shits.

+1 I would not leave mine on the road…

I don’t think anyone has one any more because they’ve all been stolen.


That must the greek equivalent of Pissing MySelf Laughing? :stuck_out_tongue: