Super bright headlight bulbs


I am looking for a super bright headlamp bulb to improve my field of view in front of me but also to help me stand out better when on the motorway / filtering etc. Can anyone either recommend or rate any products that they believe to be any good. I have seen other bikers on the road with some really bright or white lights which really seem to stand out. I’m looking for the sort of thing that will grab a car drivers attention (if they are not already asleep !) as I ride all year round, day or night. Any tips appreciated, thanks.

You sure you’re not thinking about HID instead of a bulb?

Check on ebay for HID kits. If you want a bulb then the Philips X-treme are good but I’ve heard that the PIAA 100W bulbs are amazing. Not sure on their legality though (same as HID).

I bought some Osram Night Breaker bulbs for my bike - really good at night! Not as good as a HID but £15 for 2 bulbs off of ebay you cant go wrong

Look on the Auto Express website. They did a test recently on headlamp bulbs.

I think it is

Thanks for the replies. What’s the score regarding legality? Does anyone know? I’ve heard that some bulbs are not legal but never knew why. I’m asuming that the non-legal ones are just toooo bright or powerful.

Not too up on the law of bulbs but I’d fit the brightest I could aslong it didnt melt the headlight :slight_smile: I think you’ll be fine with any bulbs you can buy as a direct replacement, its just if your gonna put a HID kit then you’d need to consider how much you’ll be blinding everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just done some nosing around on the web regarding HID kits. Apparantly from what I can find they are illegal. I think it is due to the brighness and the fact that they need to be fitted with special washers and self levelling thingys as they can be quite directional & blinding…blah blah… I read that you wouldn’t pass an MOT anyway & insurers wouldn’t look too favourably on them as they are regarded as a mod. Anyway, they look damn expensive. However I have had a look at the philips X-treme & they look pretty good plus they are a simple swap out. Think I’ll give them a go. Thanks all for the advice.

blah… ignore :stuck_out_tongue:

philips extreme not worth it…:doze:

why?? bit more info…?

i know few guys on here that got HID kits for their RSV’s £50 delivered

really!?? where from?

Halfords Ultra Brights…Not cheap, but very nice.

Used them on the R1 and it was almost like HIDs :smiley:

I got mine from here:

for both the bike and the car… not sure what the difference is…:):slight_smile: seems brighter but I could be wrong lol…

I tested some Ring 100w/130w bulbs in my VFR…here is the comparison between them and the Philips +50% that I had in there .:smiley:


slightly better hence why I couldn’t tell the difference much:)

Hi new on here so please don’t think i’m plugging anything but i’ve just got a HID kit off a well known bike electronics company that begins with an A, not had chance to fit them yet but they seem well made and will hopefully enable me to both see and be seen. As soon as I fit them I’ll post some before and after pic’s.

Anybody got any info on the legality of them though?


The Department for Transport has a this about them.

Basically, if fitted as an aftermarket product to a halogen headlamp unit, they view it as not legal. If the whole unit is replaced with one designed for HID lights then it’s ok. Lots of people get away with it and even pass MOT’s so it’s a bit of a grey area.

I suppose as long as the lights are correctly focused and aligned, there shouldn’t be much of a problem with them.

PIAA… best money I ever spent!!!

The bonus for bikes is that they only cut the beam in half, there is little or no fancy angling of the beam or anything else, so the sharper output of the HID do not affect it as much…you will notice a massive difference and not blind people on dip…someone did a few tests on here ages ago and I didnt believe him until he posted the pictures and wow…they are superb and no need for self leveling or lense change to make them safe…