Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine....

Its 29 degrees here, not a cloud in the sky and hasnt been for the last 3 days atleast. You can see the heat coming off the roads… What a glorious day to go riding :smiley:

Only thing is my bike is a good 700 miles away from me waiting to be taken in for some major TLC before being put back onto the road :crying:

3 Weeks and we should be waking the neigbours again :w00t:

Similar situation to me, except the bike is less than 20m away from me… I just don’t have the license to ride it :frowning:

Now that sucks!

I’ve got the bike, the licence and the sunshine but sadly still got a fooked hand so can’t ride. Grrrrr!

mate - ain’t had my bike for 4 months and i’m ITCHING! i feel for ya fella :expressionless:

I’ve got the bike, the licence and the hands, but I got Pleurisy yesterday so I can’t breathe very well

Ok, here goes. I’ve got the bike, the license, and the hands…but my mother in law is staying with me!! :crying:
I think I win.


You have the best reason ever to get out on that bike:hehe:

I feel your pain… had to rely on a Taxi all weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that what you call Tug now