Sunday Rideout from Dartford Tunnel 2 Dunstable Rideout !

Anybody want to join me riding from Dartford Tunnel Services on Sunday 9am

to pick up others at M1/M25 services (what they called again??)

to the Dunstable Downs Tea Hut to meet Abbey for her rideout

subject to the bl***y weather of course !

hi salee…,love to meet up with you babe but me not think i can wake up at that ungodly hour…

best get your beauty sleep now then!..its gotta be that time to get to Bl**din Dunstable

are you doing Southend with us on Monday ? im meeting them at M25/A13 at 11am or is that too early too lol

let me get back to you on that one salee…prob will…

may even come out tomorrow if still awake …may be in car if mates want to come… where in dunstable is it…

Hi all.

Sorry been off line and still am…

Today’s ride = leaving B&Q car par for dunstable downs leaving at 9.30 - near the junction of the a13 and a406 - head towards London City Airport (A1020), jsut behind the macdonalds and KFC.

or you can head straight to Dunstable

It may rain - please bring along wet kit and a lock or chain, if you can…

The reason I am leaving at 9.30 is to meet up with the group that will be leading us. So if you cannot make it to B&Q by then please go straight to Dunstable - where the ride out will start at 11 am.


Tomorrows ride out - leaving B&Q car park towards southend at 10.30 leaving…

Salee - if you see this can you please call me??

Yeah, us “country bumpkins” are all meeting at the Downs and most of us are Herts/Beds crew. I’m meeting AbbeyJ at 10:10 at the Shell petrol station here:

cos i live vertually on it and i know where it is!!