sunday ride out

hiya guys

i used to go to burnham on sunday mornings which is not a bad run … but just started to go to ongar then to sawbrigdeworth then to epping what fantasic roads out there and there right on my door step fast sweepers and twistys love it go early no cars to spoil the fun hope you all had good weekend been out both days and weather was good dont get anybetter

Very nice Gsxr Fan! I didn’t ride today, as I had a lazy-day, preparing the onboard video system for tomorrows trackday, though I got out on Saturday for a blast around London whilst getting some new tyres. Not like the twisties, but nice all the same! Apparently Rod’s taking us on a scenic ride to Silverstone which we did last time, very good ride, never mind the track!

hey thats pritty cool …have a good one mate wish i was doing trak day hope you gets some nice pics

if u want a good run try chelmsford to finichinfields,bike meet there on sunday,pub,cafe all that good stuff,then on to haverhill in suffolk,then back towards brainetree,me and a few mates do this,got everything from 20mph hairpins to 160mph sweepers,and only one fixed gatso site in over 140 miles happy days

yeah that sounds good … never been to finchinfield herd a lot of people talk about it is it just on sundays its near braintree is it … do you get a lot of bikes ther ?