Sunday Funday! 02/06/19 - Sillyness in Suffolk

Meet at South Mimms services Starbucks with a full tank of fuel at 930, to leave by 1000. I’ll be on a red sv.

Lunch near Harwich, cake somewhere, and a stop at a steam railway.

N.b. we don’t spend that much time in Suffolk, but it alliterates nicely.

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I’m in, but I’m not doing any sieving.

if Spa falls through I’ll be in for this.

Damn. I’m busy, would have loved to join this. Have fun.

If you are heading to Harwich, presume you will be taking the Mistley to Ramsey road. Enjoy.

Can confirm there are no roadworks or gravel laying like the time I took some LBrs on it :slight_smile:

B1115 from Stowmarket to Hadleigh worth it if you are nearby.

We’re on the Ramsey road, but not going as far North as stowmarket.

I rode the route last week, and there are a couple of sections of surface dressing, I think I can remember where and avoiding them but there is a chance we’ll go down one (Avi will be happy though)

Just to clarify, this is the Starbucks in the car park of the services, not the petrol station.

See you tomorrow!

Tempted. So to clarify further, it’s the Starbucks in the car park, not the one inside the service station by the toilets

The one on its own in car park

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Should be joining you tomorrow now, got pass to escape the family now. See you at Starbucks.

Enjoy the ride today boys. Wish I could be there :+1:

Yup have fun! I got the dates wrong lol!

Cheers all, 270 miles door to door! Longer then I thought, that’s Jetstream distances!

Cheers to Avi and Desmond for tailgunning.


That was a classic. Thanks to Boris for leading plus Avi and Brains for tailgunning. That was some text book corner marking too. See you on the next one.

Definitely an epic ride, and definitely going to be one I’ll remember. Many thanks Boris for route and leading, and Avi & Des tail gunning.

Happy days

Thanks for organising Boris, glad all home safe. No mention of the local tea arrangement?

I sent off an email to Parking for Bikes awaiting replay.

edit - email bounced back ‘the email account that you tried to reach does not exist’

Had a quick peep at TripAdvisor and appears a similar case was put on their board back in 2015, (one star “Rude”), other mentions include they’re not so friendly if you have a Japanese bike.

Bet you would recommend the ice cream though but your secret is safe with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: