Sunday BBQ (yes yet another post) special

Me n the missus are driving up in le cage. We are vely vely kind to bring you one time special offer because u are so loverely peoples yes…

We are planning on leaving on Sunday around 10/11ish and have space for two ppls or stuffs. Anyone need a lift?(whinny pillion, etc…), need junk transported? Must be willing to listen to crappy rock/metal :smiley: and be prepared to buy missus a drink! PM me if you need some help. PS: We are staying over Sunday and at some point monday we are going to visit my family in Hertford, leaving for London sometime after 8pm. We are in Sutton so you would either needs to be on the way or prepared to drop off stuff round ours tomorrow or Sunday…pm me for mobile

trashpuppy :cool: & miz_lilax:kiss:

Added to above if anyone is interested: We have a spare ticket going as my mate has had to pull out. If you want to go but dont have a ticket pm me

thats a vely vely vely glate offer trassyy…good on ya pal!!!:w00t:


lol well no-ones taken me up yet!

ah well scratch that then…Im coming on the bike:Dtickets still available…for free peeps

I’ll be coming by car too with Reece. I got to google the Add to find out how to get there.

Is anyone else bringing their little monsters ?:D:D:D

Im bringing mine lol miz_lilax!, oh wait you meant kids…? :smiley:

Yes i meant kids, Your mind is in the gutter trashpuppy :hehe::hehe::hehe:

no… trashcan :smiley: n my lil monster is my missus! lol “miz_lilax”

Ooooops :blush:

you’ve gone and done it now DR:laugh:


Oh dear :ermm:

who’s got the dirty mind now.?! :smiley: