Sunday August 26th - New to big Bikes/ Confident 125ers

New official meet point is Rykas Cafe, Old London Road, Mickleham, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6BY at 10am, leaving at 10:30am

I’m thinking about organising my first rideout - was going to start at The Ace, but a popular choice seems to be Rykas Cafe in Box Hill. Arrive at 10am for coffee and a bun and leave 10:30am and we’ll be doing a big loop of the Sussex/ Surrey/ Hampshire area including the very lovely A272, stopping for lunch somewhere nice en-route. This will be my first time navigating, so patience and understanding if I need to get you to all to do an occasional U-ey would be much appreciated, but will obviously plan to limit the chances of this! There will be no motorways and I will try to limit the amount of dual carriageways as I get bored easily riding in a straight line - so expect lots of twisty bendy stuff to practice your lines on! We will be using the Corner Man system, so will definitely need to recruit a tail gunner, for this ride to go ahead. Also if there is someone who could help me with a few questions re programming the route into TomTom then please PM me - thanks very much.

More experienced riders are of course very welcome, but just expect a slightly slower pace and the odd navigational hiccup! :w00t:

I’ve used TYRE for programming routes - mostly by setting a few destinations and then dragging the lines around.

I’m not very tech savvy so it must be easy :slight_smile:

harley day at the ace on sunday so be aware if they dont let you in car park, unless its a harley

Hey Ally, I’m keen, can we meet you at Box Hill though? What time do you think you’d get there?


Very keen to join you. Would prefer to meet at Rykas. What time do you expect to be there?

As above, Tyre is the way to go - makes Tom Tom route planning a breeze.

Shame I’m busy Sunday. My dad lives on the A272 about 10 mins from Midhurst and has a nice big garden and plenty of parking room for bikes. We could’ve stopped by for a BBQ… Maybe next time.

Sounds like you need to call in sick and get the BBQ preped!

Great to see I have a few responses :w00t: Thought as I’m a newbie in all respects that I could end up being Billy-No-Mates. First, thanks very much to Monkimark and Guiliano for the Tyretotravel recommendation - hadn’t even heard of it and it looks just the ticket, so will be playing around with the exact route later today. Second, based on the fact that Andersoc and Guiliano are the only ones to formally confirm their attendance (so far) and have both asked for a Box Hill meet - Box Hill it shall be - can always end up at The Ace if anyone else coming all so wishes - although as Choprocker mentions we may get scowled at! If anyone else will be travelling down from London, can arrange a meet point in Central or South West London

Therefore new official meet point is Rykas Cafe, Old London Road, Mickleham, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6BY at 10am, leaving at 10:30am - I will be on the Beamer - look out for the big chick with bigger hair! Please arrive with full tanks and be ready to leave with empty bladders!

Happy for it to be just us 3, but would be lovely if a few more fancy coming along…


This sounds great but I’m at a festival on saturday so the likelihood of me being awake let alone in a fit state to ride is very low. I hope the day goes well. Hopefully next time :slight_smile:

I suggest you amend your original post so people don’t turn up at the Ace at the originally advertised time.


I suggest you amend your original post so people don’t turn up at the Ace at the originally advertised time.

Good point, well made!

Curses, was hoping for a lie in and meeting you guys there at 11 :smiley:

Sounds good, see you there. Weather is looking good for Sunday (for now!).

The trip I am planning is looking quite epic, so best to get a relatively early start! Reckon at worst it may be a few showers, so bring your waterproofs!

Harder than it looks! Just spent the best part of three hours devising the perfect route, cross referencing every twist and turn with - have created a route that ONLY uses roads recommended from this website - it looks beautiful and I can’t wait to do it, but perhaps another day as it comes in at 246miles and estimates 8 hours of riding! Have saved it for the future, but in the meantime will be looking to shave 2 or 3 hours off, so we can factor in a nice lunch and a fuel and/or ice cream stop!

Damn, i can never say no to a box hill start . :smiley:

So, have managed to get it down to 5:50 hrs and 180 miles - still beautiful, just more manageable :smiley: Now for my next trick I am going to see if I can load it onto the TomTom and if i get really cocky, I might even see if I can upload it on to here. Then I shall try and find a quaint and traditional village pub type place for lunch - once I work out roughly where we will be at about 1.30pm! Thank god you only having to go through this learning process once. Have even more respect for the Jetstreams and Joby et al after this - what happened to my Friday evening?!!:crazy:

The jets have it even harder planning… they have to consider me in the mix :w00t:

I am keen to join as long as it’s not pissing down as my kit seems to leak like a sieve :crying: It will be my first ride out, so i’m a newbie of sorts.

Hoping the weather is good! :slight_smile:

Well it looks like we are getting a little gang together - 5 I think at the moment, which seems a great number, but happy for a few more to tag along. Please make sure (if you don’t already know it) that you read the corner man system advice (found on the events home page), as we will be adhering to this rigidly to make sure I don’t lose any of you! Still need a tail gunner volunteer please. Am still trying to work out how I share the route I have planned with you - am using - so if anyone knows, please enlighten me. The route is quoting 5h 50 mins, but when I did a run through, the speeds were very conservative, so I reckon it will be closer to 5 hours or perhaps even a little less, so plenty of time for loo/fag breaks, a nice lunch etc. I think the lunch stop will be on the A272 between Midhurst and Petersfield, so if anyone has some suggestions of a nice pub or cafe let me know. There will also be some convenient places for people to hoon it back to London, if they need to get back early. The ride is set to end back at Boxhill, but as I have no plans for tomorrow night if anyone wants to carry on the The Ace, I expect I could have my arm twisted! Otherwise I will be travelling back into Central London.

The weather forecast is looking good for tomorrow so would be great to know if you are definitely coming by say 11pm tonight. As it is definitely going to be quite a long day, we will be leaving at 10.30am sharp, so please aim to arrive by 10am, all fueled up. I’ll be the big chick with bigger hair in a black and blue jacket - you really won’t miss me promise, but it might be worth PMing me your mobille number and I’ll send mine in return - just in case it’s super-busy.

Really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

I’ll meet you guys at Box for a ride at 10am. Hopefully I’ll see the big chick with bigger hair in a black and blue jacketbut i’ll pm you my mob number just in case.

I have a black Yamaha FZ1 and use a TomTom Urban rider so happy to lead/tail gun as you would like.